Will checking my credit score regularly improve my score?

Will checking my credit score regularly improve my score?

Checking your credit score regularly is a good habit you must have. Read on to know why.

When you check your credit score regularly, you are more conscious about it and when you are conscious about something, you make sure you take steps to stay on top of it or improve it. Each time you check your credit score, it is termed as a soft inquiry. Same applies if an employer checks your credit score before hiring you.

However, it’s a common misconception that regularly checking your credit score (soft inquiries) may affect your credit score negatively. Due to this belief, many customers avoid checking their score often. On the contrary, when you don’t check your score regularly, you are missing out on catching any errors or inaccuracies, if any, which may cause a dip in your credit score.

Of course, there is plenty of generic information available on the internet that can help you maintain a favourable credit score. But for personalised insights and customised suggestions as per your credit history - OneScore is THE platform you need. Its AI-driven Score Improvement Planner gives you personalised suggestions to improve your score.

While your credit score isn’t impacted if you check it personally on OneScore or any platform that allows you to, it can drop if multiple lenders inquire about your score in a limited span of time, say a year. This is known as a hard inquiry.

But when does a lender inquire about my credit score? A lender will inquire about your credit score every time you apply for a credit product, be it a loan or a credit card. All hard inquiries made by these lenders will appear on your credit report, which you can easily view on the OneScore app for free. Too many hard inquiries can adversely affect your score.

To find out the exact reasons behind month on month changes in your credit score, check out OneScore’s latest feature ‘Find Out Why’. Read more on why your credit score changes every month.